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The organisation of PCDA (R&D) is responsible for payment, accounting and internal/local audit functions relating to DRDO, It is a relatively young organisation. PCDA (R&D) New Delhi became a self-accounting CDA with effect from 1st July 1984. Earlier various other controllers did the audit and accounting of Defence R&D expenditure. In fact the works expenditure of DRDO is still under the audit purview of the regional controllers dealing with the Army.


The principal reason that necessitated the formation of a separate CDA for Defence R&D was the increase in the scope of activities of DRDO. For over a decade the organisation has been rapidly expanding its operation with a view to harnessing critical technologies in the areas of aeronautics, armaments, combat vehicles, electronics, instrumentation, engineering systems, missiles, material, naval systems, advanced computing, simulation and life sciences. There has been a corresponding increase in the scale of investment, budget allotment and financial transactions in the DRDO. Moreover, the specialised nature of activities carried out by the DRDO also calls for a certain element of specialisation in the role of the associate finance and accounts personnel who are required to interact effectively with scientists and engineers in the Laboratories


Originally the CDA (R&D), New Delhi had twelve sub-offices located at various stations. The Sub-offices were created to provide more effective and quick service to the R&D labs/establishment located throughout India. Officers of the rank of JCDA/Dy. CDA/ACDA/Sr. AO head the sub-offices. In August 1992 the sub-office of the JCDA (R&D), Bangalore was upgraded to the level of CDA (R&D) for more effective monitoring and control. IN April 1994, CDA (R&D), Bangalore became a self-accounting CDA with sub-offices at Avadi and Cochin under its charge. In July 1998, the sub-Office of JCDA (R&D) Hyderabad was upgraded to the level of CDA (R&D). In April 1999 CDA (R&D) Hyderabad became a self-accounting unit with a sub-office at Visakhapatnam.


The office of CDA (R&D) New Delhi was upgraded to the office of PCDA (R&D) in December 2003. Since the formation of PCDA (R&D), New Delhi a number of steps have been taken to improve the quality of services to the labs/establishments New Delhi in the payment of salaries, store bills etc. As a step towards the goal, this office has implemented ‘single window system’ for speedy clearance of personnel claims of Lab officials and ECS and NEFT systems for payments of salaries and third party payments.


Another feather in cap in the history of the organisation was added with the shifting of work of E-ticketing project in the month of June 2010 from CCDA Office, New Delhi to PCDA (R&D), New Delhi. This evolved conceptual framework for development of a centralized defence travel system based on e-ticketing for issue of rail tickets within the units itself for all defence travellers. In the existing system, Individual defence service travellers are required to visit Passenger Reservation System (PRS) of railways and get the tickets issued against exchange of railway warrants at PRS counters. In this system the unit will have a virtual PRS linked to a centralised portal operated by PCDA (R&D)  

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